Privacy Policy


It seems like a loosely worded privacy policy is increasingly required to stop BIG-DRAMA selling everyones Private Parts on eBay, so we decided to get one too.


We solemnly swear not to sell your personal details for sick gainz or internet points. We will also keep them securely locked in an Internet server located in the UK, or America, or Finland, or somewhere.

Mailing List

We use a company called MailChimp (a "data processor") to store and manage the contact information of our millions of online subscribers. We only store your name (if we have one) and email address. MailChimp are totes legit and have signed all the GDPR things.

Frequency and Unsubscribe

We try to send as few emails as possible (It is really boring coming up with creative emails all day long) and only when we feel they are relevant to you, such as a new COMIC show, or a call for new members. If you get bored of these works of modern literature, you can unsubscribe at anytime by either:

  • Clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of an email
  • Contact us and ask to be removed

Note: If you opted-in to receiving additional COMIC emails about auditions or ways to get involved in COMIC (you might have selected the 'I'm interested in Joining COMIC' option), if you unsubscribe from these you will automatically be unsubscribed from show promotional emails. If this was not your intention, please contact us directly to have your communication preferences changed.

Paper Information

If you provided us with your contact details using ancient parchment and quill, such as completing a paper-based Booking Form, we will only keep this information for as long as required -usually no more than a few months- and only for the intended purposes.

Online Ordering

If you ordered tickets online via our website, you will have done so using an approved Third PArty Payment Processor, such as PayPal. We do not directly store or process any of your personal information on our website as part of this process. Our Payment Processor will store transaction details, including your username and email address, as per their own Privacy Policy.

We can provide details of our payment processors upon request.